Reasons I shouldn’t watch Romance movies


I wrote a blog once about the fallacies of Ever After, one of my favorite movies ever, and now, I write about Only You, a movie on my Netflix streaming queue that I just finished.

First of all, I like either lifelike, or obviously fake.  This movie is neither.  I mean, it’s a series of scripted events that *could* happen, but probably won’t and there’s no element of fakeness about it. 50 First Dates has the “fakeness” thing down.  I have a hard time believing that anyone would think its the same day over and over again for years on end.  Only You on the other hand is just believable enough.  For instance Faith runs after this guy whose name she got from a Ouija board when she was a kid and later from a fortune teller (just let’s you know how much stock you should put in this) that was staged completely by her brother.  She’s engaged and runs off to Italy to find Damon, her “Mr. Perfect” when she falls in love with a different guy.  When she finally realizes it, she gets on a plane with him, claiming the guy she loves is on that plane and then, conveniently, the only seat open in this full plane is next to the guy she fell in love with over the course of three days.  It’s RIDICULOUS!

I really shouldn’t watch romance movies because they are often ridiculous.  I’m sure Brandon is excited about that because then I won’t pull the fiancée card on some lame chick flick.  If I pull that card, it’s gonna be on a movie that’s worth it… not a random “romcom” that someone decided to make that really isn’t worth crap.

So that’s my rant.

I do have a psuedo serious question: I watched a movie while in college that had a scene with a fire in a vineyard in Italy, and now I can’t remember what movie that was.  If you know, even in that vague description, what movie that is, PLEASE tell me!!! I kinda wanna watch it now. 😦 *edit* i found said movie… it’s in NAPA not ITALY, but i know the movie now 🙂

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