Is it really that bad?

The bad thing about my employment is that my dad and i work for (in his case, with) the same lady.  If she has a bad day, I’ll know about it. Like yesterday.  Dad called saying she blew up on her office staff yesterday.  Granted, it’s Monday, and few people like that fact.  But still.

I pick up the kids and she’s home as is a plumber.  Evidently they had been with only one working toilet all weekend, and the plumber is trying to get things fixed.  Doc thinks she knows what’s wrong, so when she notices the bathroom is “flooded” she started saying “You could’ve warned me you were going to make a mess!” and other things that were more colorful, to say the least.  And her printer isn’t working (when it’s doing exactly what she told it to… Seriously, i noticed and she blows a gasket!) and then Mouse is trying to show her something and she blows another fuse (how many fuses can you blow in a day, i ask you!) leading the Mouse to a burst of tears because Doc cannot control her anger!

Later, Squirrel and i go grocery shopping and i bought her coffee because after seeing her mom behave so poorly with other people besides her family in the house, Squirrel needed coffee.  Hell, I needed coffee! I think both of us were grateful to be away from Dr Dynamite, or, in this case, Phosphorus (so volatile!)… I mean, even Hitler was probably nicer that Doc yesterday! And he committed GENOCIDE! Squirrel and I get what we need, finish our coffee, go back to the house, and I pick up Ferret from band.  We go home, and by then Mouse has calmed down and come home from her time with her mentor. (I felt so sorry for her mentor! Honestly! to walk in to Doc throwing a tantrum and getting mad at Mouse for throwing a tantrum!) Mouse reminds her mom nicely that she needs some books for school (which I buy with her card) and by the time the four of us return ([/sarcasm]heaven forbid that teenagers stay at home alone!) it’s time for dinner and Doc releases me.

Later, I realize that my bag is still at their house so instead of heading back, i wait until today when she is at home (merf) so i text the other nanny, Danielle, to let me know when she leaves so i can get my bag. I don’t want to be on the receiving end of Doc’s griping.

Danielle’s already given notice that she can only work on thursdays, leaving me to pick up the slack since i’ve no other job to speak of.  However, many of my weekends are shot because i’m taking time to spend with Brandon. Sorry, Doc, but the guy I am marrying is a little more important than the PITA that i work for. I already see him sporadically due to the fact that our ENTIRE relationship has been long distance. If I could, I would find a job, an apartment, and a church home all around the vicinity of Brandon so that I no longer have to worry about Doc’s volatile moods.  It’s gotten really bad since her own boyfriend left last week.

I don’t need her, but i need money.

God, i’m so dependent!

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