T minus 59 days and counting!

In 59 days, I’ll be Mrs. Brandon and I cannot wait!  Of course, there’s this whole wedding planning nightmare… and drama… but i try and laugh it off.

For instance, today, my mom’s aunt called and said “I hear Karen’s getting married.” well, yeah!  “April 30?? isn’t that the next farm meeting?” Ok… let me explain.  Farm meetings started because my great grandmother died 11 years ago and left her farm to the family and now the family can’t decide what to do with it.  Seriously!  I’ve heard the suggestion of nuking it.  I’d be all for that except i spent a lot of time there as a kid. Anyways, mom’s sister called earlier this evening after getting a phone call from the same aunt about the same thing. This aunt basically said “I could care less about the farm. It’s gone on too long already!”

But really, if that’s the extent of the drama, i’ll be fine.

Ok, so i decided to post a random picture….

My “sister” got married when I was little. I made this appearance in their photos.  We chuckle about it now 🙂

About Karen

What's there to say really? I pretend I have two left feet because I hate the attention, but at the same time, i love to make people laugh, even if it's by being a klutz. I am an enigma, even to myself, and I'm full of irrelevant paradigms. I barely even know what I just wrote! View all posts by Karen

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