Photo challenge – Parte Dos

Daughter with proud father 9-5-03

Ok, so today is a picture of someone I’ve been the closest to the longest… and here he is! My daddy!  Of course this picture has me and dad about 7 years younger because this was homecoming my senior year in high school.  That was a LONG time ago! Anyways, small little anecdote and I’ll call this entry good.  When I was younger, like elementary school, dad would drive to a local “city” to be involved in the community chorus (every Tuesday night) and I would always tell him bye before he left. Well, one night he left and I didn’t get to tell him goodbye and I was upset. I sat on the couch staring out the back window trying to see dad (though really it was impossible… too many cars moving too quickly) in his car as he left.  Thankfully he had a cell phone (this was in the beginning days of cell phones… when you had a bag that was the phone. Yeah… a long time ago!) I got to talk to him, through my tears, etc and then we implemented the toll.  When someone leaves, they have to make an effort to say goodbye by at least a hug (a kiss was included more when I was younger) and there we go.  Me and Dad… Pardners in crime since 1985 when he introduced me to the world, shortly after being born. Smile

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