Photo Challenge – part 5

Sorry I didn’t update yesterday. With West Texas, the sky is often brown and often, the day after, I’m sicker than a dog.  So yesterday was the day after said brown sky.  I’m better now though!

Ok, today… My favorite memory.  Are you ready?

July 3, 2010 DSC03236

This was a common scene that weekend.  It was the middle of summer and it rained… Three day’s straight.  Technically this is on July 4th because the clouds are clearing away and it’s no longer raining. My brother decided to drive around town and we got pictures… But July 3 is my favorite… thus far.

Many (if not all) of you know the reason why.

DSC02536This goofball gave me a beautiful present.  I mean it was SHINEY! and I loved it. Since it was really wet EVERYWHERE, his plans changed slightly, but he did get on one knee, say “Join me. and together we can rule the galaxy as husband and wife…” and we (and by we, I mean, i…) giggled a lot.

081July 3, 2010 was the day I said yes!!!

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