Photo Challenge- Part Six

Who would I love to trade places with?

Let me think…






I’m still thinking




yeah… still thinking…





Ok. think I got it.


Me, Room 056

I would love to trade places with this beautiful girl. She’s got a lot of attention, is absolutely adorable, and she travels to south texas with her family a lot.  She’s got the prettiest hair, the sweetest temperament, and best of all, a big back yard to play in.  That’s right. If I could trade places, I’d trade places with this dog.

Don’t get me wrong, I love this girl holding the dog, but I think I’d trade places with Lady.

And hey! no one said it had to make perfect sense!

About Karen

What's there to say really? I pretend I have two left feet because I hate the attention, but at the same time, i love to make people laugh, even if it's by being a klutz. I am an enigma, even to myself, and I'm full of irrelevant paradigms. I barely even know what I just wrote! View all posts by Karen

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