Thoughts on Easter

I have decided I must love justice. A couple of months ago I wanted to seek justice for the local homeless population. Then the “problem” I saw was resolved.. Quite beautifully.

And then today, someone accused all who say “happy Easter” are a part of a heretical practice. While I understand where this guy is coming from, it frustrates me. Many of our “Christian” holiday have origin in “pagan” holidays. However I will not say that saying happy Easter makes me a pagan.

The point of today is not the origin of Easter as a pagan holiday. The point is that Jesus is risen. He’s ALIVE!!! I praise Him because today we celebrate the basis of my faith, the truth of the Resurrection.

Next time someone calls me a heretic because I choose to follow the Church calendar and not the Hebraic one, I will stand my ground because I believe that Jesus is the anointed one and I will continue to worship him the way I do, not because I find it is the right way but because we are all created and are therefore unique. If you choose to celebrate the resurrection with Easter Sunday or the Jewish calendar, I will respect that.

There is no Jew or Greek, slave or free, male or female as we are all created equal in Christ Jesus. To HIM be all glory power and honor forever. Amen

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What's there to say really? I pretend I have two left feet because I hate the attention, but at the same time, i love to make people laugh, even if it's by being a klutz. I am an enigma, even to myself, and I'm full of irrelevant paradigms. I barely even know what I just wrote! View all posts by Karen

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