Doubting Thomas

Isn’t it funny that the one disciple who asked for physical proof of a resurrected Christ is dubbed a doubter? He was just being scientific, just asking for proof.

I saw a tweet today regarding the rain in certain parts of Texas. This one group was “led” to “pray” for rain. I can’t fault them.  It’s been a long and dry summer, but is it truly our place to ask an Almighty God for rain? In the past I was taught God answered prayers…. I was taught to pray for anything I needed.  However, this neglected the relational part of my faith. I never got the Lord’s Prayer as anything other than “pray this if you don’t know what to pray.” My prayer life became a one-sided conversation where I asked God for anything and He was contractually obligated to grant my wishes…. Much like Aladdin’s genie. So when I saw this tweet, I began to wonder…. Do we often ask for the obvious so we can bask in the answered prayers? It was already overcast, and the clouds just waited for the right time to burst.  Did these prayers actually do anything?

My faith is constantly changing… Becoming less of an infantile belief to a more mature system of thoughts and beliefs that grow with study and time as I continue to search for Truth among my environment. One thing I’ve learned is to shut up when “praying.” Instead I find myself meditating on Psalms and aspects of Christ that have not nor will they ever change. I find myself listening more, asking for little because He is my friend… My Father…. My God. If He bowed to my every whim, I’d become greater and He less… He’d be in a little box that I had built, and that is not the God I worship.

I have nothing against praying for rain…. Except when the forecast says 100% chance. It seems that at that point we should listen to God, and not beg for more. It seems like at that point, we look at a gift horse in the mouth and find all the teeth rotting. Is it not enough just to embrace the welcome rain and praise God for the refreshment?

I challenge each of us to reevaluate how we pray and to seek ways of making this relationship with our Creator a little more two sided and less selfish.  I admit, I need to work on this too.

Also, it is ok to be a doubting Thomas…. Even he found the answers he sought.

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