Fare thee Well, Doc!

Dear Dr Pepper Snapple group,

I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you…. You SUCK!

Sincerely, a former Pepper.

Ok really. I’m outraged right now. I am a die hard Dr Pepper fan… Or at least I used to be. I’d go to Six Flags proudly displaying my “I’m a Pepper” bucket hat. Throughout middle school and high school, i wore a reversible Dr Pepper basketball jersey whenever the chance arose. For my high school graduation, i got a Dr Pepper bucket with various paraphernalia from Dublin. When I got married (almost 9 months ago!) i got a case of Dublin Dr Pepper and cake mix from the same family friend who brought me the bucket. When Brandon and I drove through Dublin, Texas on our way to a friends wedding in the Hill Country, we had to stop and get Dublin Dr Pepper. And then! we had to savor every sip. It’s not every day someone provides you with a Dublin. In my home, it’s like the best wine… The stuff you only give to closest friends, and even then, it’s ONLY on special occasions. Quite simply, Dublin Dr Pepper is the nectar of the gods.

So imagine the shock… no… that’s not right… The HORROR of learning that Friday, January 13, Dr Pepper would say goodbye to a humble small town who kept its historic flavor alive for over 100 years. I mean, you drive down the main road and see Swingin’ Peggy swinging away on a billboard. But Corporate America has done it again… We have squashed the underdog with a bunch of legalities that in the grand scheme of things only matter when it means the big guy gets a few more bucks.

Greed. It’s killing us.

I didn’t understand the whole occupy movement when it was happening. I didn’t feel that I was a 99%er… But I do understand Small Town, USA… especially small town Texas.

I grew up in a town that, on a good day, had 2000 residents. We thought we were lucky to have a Dairy Queen, a hospital, and a mom and pop cafe that served authentic Mexican food and the best breakfast burritos in the county. Wanna know the surprise? 2001 was the end of DQ and the small hospital. So many memories in those places that would never be revisited, but hey, it’s life. So in 2001, my family moved, to another relatively small town. This town was in the heart of Texas, 45 mins from Dublin, and thriving with local businesses and tourist traps etc and it even had a Sonic… half a block from the DQ! I was in heaven! Fast food, mom and pop joints, local antiquities and curios…. and a rich and vibrant history, partially involving a horned toad, and within a small drive, Dublin Dr Pepper.

Surprisingly, this small town was JUST OUTSIDE the distribution area for Dublin… I had to drive to an even smaller town 20 minutes away to even buy a case. When Dublin came to help out with a local festival, I learned that we were literally 5 miles too far from Dublin to actually have it distributed in the town. I was sad… but not that sad. Two years later, I’d drive back and forth to Waco, partially to see family, and partially to go to Baylor. I started stopping halfway home and would buy a Dr Pepper to give me just enough caffeine to reach my destination. If I was really desperate, I’d grab a six pack. The catch? They had to be a DUBLIN…

Fast forward a few years. I see similarly designed cans at the Waco WalMarts (before i started hating walmart). I tried a few but something just wasn’t right. It tasted… Weird….

Fast forward to yesterday. I hear Dublin will no longer be making Dr Pepper… From my boss… Who doesn’t really drink Dr Pepper (and probably doesn’t really know/appreciate the rich Texan and partial Virginian history behind this fantabulous drink!) I start out, oh, well, that’s ok. And then I saw that Dr Pepper would still be made with sugar. And that’s when it hit. Dr Pepper just wanted to make a buck. And today i read it’s not even Imperial Pure Cane sugar…. nope. Processed beet sugar. 14 people in a very small town lost their jobs. I can only assume that other businesses will close as Dr Pepper no longer draws thousands of people to Small Town Texas.

Thanks, Dr Pepper.

Thanks for proving that the 99%ers are right. Corporate America only cares about the bottom line and seeing black. It doesn’t care about its consumers. I’m guessing in a few years, Dr Pepper will no longer make it’s poor excuse for the “historic” recipe. Even so… I choose to not buy anything Dr Pepper Snapple group. I will find smaller companies to support because I know how badly corporate America is killing small towns, one by one. Soon all these towns will go the same way my hometown has — a handful of small businesses that won’t even make it to an anniversary.

So I say this. Good bye, Dr Pepper. It’s been an awesome and fun ride. When you are bottled in Dublin again, I will consume you. Until then I’d rather drink Coke… and I don’t like Coke.

And DPS, when you find a way to encourage small businesses to success, I will *possibly* consume you again. Until then I’ll only drink sweet tea and other NON DR PEPPER SNAPPLE PRODUCTS. I hope you see the mistake your greed has led you to. May I always remember to NOT BE GREEDY!

Money can’t buy you happiness, but a can of DUBLIN DR PEPPER is pretty damn close.

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