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This is probably the first year I haven’t been completely in tune with the liturgical calendar since my family started attending Second Baptist. And I’m legitimately sad. I never realized how beautiful the seasons are. Advent starts after Thanksgiving, Christmas lasts through the beginning of January, several under appreciated dates are celebrated afterward, Lent starts this coming Wednesday with Ash Wednesday, then the Pascal events, and then the countdown to Pentecost…. and more under appreciated holidays afterward. I love the cycle that the church calendar follows, and I think my appreciation is deepened with my job as my employers are practicing Muslims. They take time to celebrate, to mourn the prophets… regular fasting. I love watching them in their day to day life. My super curious brain feels freedom there to ask questions. Z wears a scarf not because she has to, but because she wants to. She told me it’s to help her relationship with God. I wanna wear a scarf now! well, only kinda… It doesn’t have the same meaning for me as it does for her. I love asking her questions and being open to answer hers (and sometimes they aren’t easy to answer. She asked if abortion was a sin. While I don’t agree with abortion, I realize it’s a personal decision. As such, it’s not my place to condemn persons who’ve had abortions. Jesus told us to love, and that is what I choose to do.)

This past week has been a week of mourning… Kinda. I’m taking time to actually think about my life choices as I begin gluten free living. I had a gluten free and delicious dinner (complete with gluten free chocolatey goodness) with a friend who’s been living gluten free for a couple of years now. We discussed everything from our lives since we last saw each other, to actually things anyone avoiding gluten should know (thank you, Lord, for peanut butter M&Ms being gluten free!). I met up with her at 6:30 and spend 5 hours with her! it was a blast and I’m glad I did it.

So anyways, back to Lent. A lot of people treat Lent as another chance at their failed new year’s resolutions. But really, is that the purpose of Lent? I tend to think of it as a small time to actually sacrifice/fast from something I don’t think i can live without (Sodas, Sugar… Gluten!) to spend the time I would be participating in enjoying said thing in prayer as i remember all Jesus went through for us. He fasted forty days in a wilderness with no food, no water, and still he remained sane! He went through hell and back to allow us to join him in paradise. I can give up something for him… right? But I chose Lent to give up gluten, probably permanently, because I do want it to start as worship. I want to live a life of worship as my employers do. I want to be healthier so that I can better care for the Prince and I want to be able to use this as a testimony.

If I had to be completely and 100% honest, i’m kinda scared. I’m scared i won’t like the food i make because I’m afraid I’ll know it’s gluten free. And if I don’t like it, then chances are that Brandon won’t and i don’t want him to feel obligated to eat completely gluten free (but he has to eat what i make for dinner 😛 ) Yeah, i’m afraid of the uncertainty, but I’m happy too. I know that I’ll have to eat creatively to avoid gluten. I know that I’ll have to be more thoughtful of what goes into my mouth. My brain is totally going to get a work out. And I couldn’t be more happy! I also know this “fear” is completely unfounded as more and more places are realizing that gluten allergies or sensitivities are a common theme (I saw somewhere that around 10% of the population has a gluten sensitivity…)

 So join me in this journey. Remind me when I want to give up that there is so much more to this than just “giving up gluten.” Remind me to think positive. Feel free to give me really cheap/easy ways to make gluten free food that everyone will like. This is my journey, but no sojourner is completely alone.

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