Remember how I …

Remember how I said I was going gluten free for lent? Well, it’s not even easter and I feel confident that I can continue this lifestyle satisfactorily with no ill effects. First, I was supposed to have a migraine a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t. Secondly i find myself eating healthier as a cheaper and more effective way of going gluten free.

Sadly, italian food, for the most part, is not available to me.

I recently went to a staple of ours for a date night. It’s italian. They advertise gluten free. I had to send it back twice and since I did, I basically just wrote them to tell them that. The first time it had angel hair, like normal, non gluten free. Second time, the angel hair was mostly removed. Key word: Mostly. third time i said “Listen, I’m allergic to wheat.” and they served it correctly.

Would have been much better had they had educated everyone on gluten free before advertising it on their menu. *grr*

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