Dear people for whom the election went awry (I’m looking at you, Uber Conservative!):

I have a few things against you.

1) Reading the election as a sure sign the Rapture is nigh is a sure sign we aren’t reading the same way in the Bible. Many of the prophecies in the Bible that regard the “end times” are a way of encouraging those being persecuted in that time period, not to tell us that Left Behind will happen. Let me remind you, Left Behind is a fictional series based on a relatively new theory on end times. Need I remind you that Jesus even said he doesn’t know when the end is? Using this election as a sign is poorly exegeted* Scripture. America wasn’t around when the Bible was being written, so let’s keep doing our job. Need I remind you Jesus commanded us to make disciples? So let’s pick yourself up and keep telling others the good news.
 AND STOP USING THE BIBLE AS A WEAPON AGAINST HUMANITY! Yeah, i know it’s the “sword of the spirit,” but it’s not a weapon against people but against spiritual forces. When you post a hurtful comment on Twitter or Facebook using the Bible, you are saying that person doesn’t matter. We all know differently. God loves the Godless as much as he loves you. You are not his favorite kid because you follow him. Let me remind you of the prodigal son. The brother, the one that stayed at home and was a “good kid” was mad that his brother got a party. His dad reminded him that he was around and that he could’ve had the party, but he wanted to celebrate that his son, the one that had been dead to him, was alive and that was cause for celebration. God loves his righteous kids as much as his unrighteous.

2) Stop dividing yourselves over this election. “A house divided cannot stand.” That is more a reality with America now. We find ways to use the Bible for and against people that we support. We forget that Jesus cared for the homeless and the poor, the widows and the orphans, and those who couldn’t speak for themselves, yet we use the bible to condemn. I know of many who ceased attending churches because of the hatred toward those “different” than ourselves. We aren’t perfect, yet every 4 years we elevate our candidate to near perfect status and when they fall flat on their face with scandal or fail to win, we throw stones at anyone nearby. STOP IT! Seriously! We act like we’re two and our mom won’t give us candy when in reality, we don’t need “candy.” We throw fits and tantrums and you’d think that as a nation with 50 states and >200 years old, we’d have learned by now. Nope. Pick yourself up, grab a friend, and go help out the homeless, poor, widows, orphans, social pariahs, etc and help them. Teach them how to make things so they can get money from it, be their friends, buy them food every so often because you have more than they do, and food is a necessity, try living in their shoes, do something that helps them. I guarantee that you will find many of these dejects beautiful souls. You want them to get jobs, yet you don’t realize many of them don’t have any means to get home. YOu want them to pull themselves up, but the streets are hard. Before you accuse them of putting themselves in this situation, I’ll let you in on a secret. Many of them didn’t. The cost of mental care got to be so high that many of their patients got kicked out with no where to go. Many of them are veterans who have been rejected time and time again. Many of them want to be better off but can’t due to mental and physical issues. You wanna see them helped? Then start a ministry at your church. Communicate with your community. Step up and do something.

3) Look at Romans 13. Remember that A) God is still God. B) You are not.

Stop being divisive, Church. Embrace the gospel, share it, and continuously pray. This isn’t persecution. We don’t live in fear that our lives will be taken because of our political and religious views. If you want to experience persecution, go find a holocaust survivor, or someone who fled from the USSR. We have it good here. Let’s not forget, mmmkay?

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