I have a confession.  I like the 80’s

I have a confession.  I like the 80’s Ninja Turtles movies. Right now, The Secret of the Ooze is on tv and I cannot complain. I don’t care that the cgi is nonexistent and the story may be a little on the crazy side. The fact is, I enjoy it. It reminds me of the simplicity of my childhood where a letter was something that got mailed with postage, watching videos was on VHS, and a camera had 35mm (or for my first camera… 110) film. My summer evenings were running around playing hide-n-seek in the neighborhood and catching toads. Life was so simple. As technology creeps more and more into my life with my wifi capable MacBook Pro, iPhone 4s, and DSLR camera, I long for the simplicity of popping in the VHS of Aladdin as I did as a kid, using the living room as a stage as I acted out the movie as I watched it. I miss the small town neighborhood I grew up in where a summer afternoon was made complete as we mixed playing with the sprinklers and trampoline. I loved it when my next door neighbor would water his lawn with a tractor sprinkler that used the water pressure to propel it around the yard. I’d jump over it all the time. I also went next door for Otter Pops and Wheel of Fortune. This next door neighbor would be my bus driver if I went to piano lessons, and surrogate grandparents to the neighborhood kids. He loved us so much that he even built a tree house for us to enjoy, even when his grandkids weren’t visiting.  Perhaps that’s why i love watching this “old” movie so much. Or maybe it’s because I could watch it with my older brother not being embarrassed with me as a little sister. When he had his license and I was a little tike, he’d take me to kid movies that would leave me bawling by the end because they were so sad. (Think about it… All Dogs Go to Heaven was a really sad movie for a 4 year old! or Beauty and the Beast as a 7 year old!) 

Whatever the reason… I’m happy it’s on TV and i hope that when Baby Bear is old enough to appreciate non animated movies, s/he will appreciate the awesome simplicity of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movies.

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