The dreaded D word.

I went to the doctor today. I found out that my blood glucose test for gestational diabetes was high. Just how high? 278 high. To put this in perspective, after a glucose test, if your blood sugar is below 130-140, your usually clear (though different labs measure differently) and my blood sugar was TWICE that. I love my doctor. She’s up front, realizes that it’s a lot to digest, and patiently explains what must be done. She explained that babies born to mothers with GD tend to have “Linebacker” shoulders which would make a traditional birth difficult. If this baby girl is measuring big, she may have an earlier birthday (maybe November 3? then she should share that day with her dear grandma that we miss dearly),  or it may be that I need a c-section. Neither of which are upsetting to me (I roll with the punches normally). And with my blood sugar so high after that test, she explained I must eat 3 meals and 3 snacks to keep my sugars level, exercise (which hasn’t been easy, but I’m gonna start in the morning with walking/stationary bike), and test my sugar level first thing in the morning and two hours after meals. It’s a little overwhelming, but i’m sure I can handle it.

The problem is that I love Frostys from Wendy’s, shakes from Sonic, and sweet tea where it’s available.

Thankfully, I rarely partake in Frostys or shakes anymore, and I’m generally ok with unsweet tea (though I may start taking Truvia with me whenever i get tea). 

I always knew that diabetes was a risk. My maternal grandparents both had Type-I (then known as Juvenile) diabetes that was diagnosed as adults (although my doctor says that isn’t hereditary), and I’m definitely older than 25. With this current diagnosis, I’ll be taking more ultrasounds (Hi, Baby Girl!) and seeing my doctor with more frequency. If my blood sugar can’t be kept under control, I’ll have to take medications and potentially insulin. It can be serious and lead to stillbirth of our beautiful baby girl, and that does scare me to some extent. But… I am confident that the God I worship will bring us through. Shall I praise Him only when the skies are sunny and the birds are singing and every thing is ok? No. I’m gonna praise Him when it feels like my world is falling apart too. Why? Because I have yet to have Him fail me. I know, it’s cliche, but i truly believe this.

I *hope* that i can continue to share on this journey, if for no other reason than to release my emotions. I’m still trying to fathom how my otherwise healthy and complaint free pregnancy led to this. Maybe someday i’ll know the answer, but probably not. 

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