let’s do this!

I better understand now. I’d been approaching my diet from the wrong way. I was coming from the blood sugar is the constant and the diet changing to meet my blood sugar needs, but it should have been the other way around. Blood sugar is a variable. Many things can affect it aside from food. Diet (including eating carbs!) should be the constant.

So, my understanding is that higher blood sugar isn’t as harmful to Baby Bear as low blood sugar/ketones. I need to eat a certain number of carbs to fuel my body and help Baby Bear grow healthy. Ketones are what happen when you don’t get enough carbs or calories. Your body starts going in to “Starvation mode” and breaks down fat and releases it as blood sugar into your blood and this can be really harmful to me and Baby Bear. (I did a no-no and went to google to see what could happen, found a site that looked pseudo knowledgeable, and sufficiently scared myself in to eating more carbs) Granted, high blood sugar isn’t good either, but the consequences of that are more short term for Baby Bear than consistent ketones.

Anyways, this week has been incredibly stressful. I got a call from a local municipal court reminding me I needed to take care of a couple of tickets (It wasn’t too difficult, just annoying). I felt like I was getting beat up by this diabetic counselor nurse. I need to get my car inspected (before sunday). To add to this, i calculated my carbs so carefully Wednesday that I know i didn’t go *too* far over if at all, ate well at a local Mexican food joint, and had really bad indigestion. Like to the point I couldn’t get comfortable to sleep, was texting a trusted friend to ask advice (which actually was similar to what i was thinking) woke up Brandon, drove to the hospital, and just generally was uncomfortable. I’m actually not sure I gave myself the correct dosage of insulin the night before because I was so uncomfortable. Thankfully, after puking and taking a Pepcid, life got better, I was able to get a little sleep at the hospital, but my numbers yesterday were wack because of the stress and lack of sleep. I told my doctor about this (at my semiweekly appointment) and she was like “Avoid mexican food!” Inside, my Texan is weeping. I love my Mexican food! But now I know to take Pepcid when indigestion starts (I’ve been told it will only get worse)

So, how is Baby Bear? Alive and kicking. At the hospital she kept kicking the monitors. She was moving so much at the ultrasound (that is every visit to check growth and fluids) that my doctor almost forgot to check her heart beat (still going strong!)

I’d be lying if I said this whole thing is easy. I think i’ve got a particularly bad case of gestational diabetes. It’s a learning experience and a puzzle. I can do this. this will work. Baby Bear will be ok. Maybe she’ll share a birthday with her grandmother? Or she could be born on the day I was due! We’ll find out in due time (no pun intended)

Until next time!

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