Final countdown!

Since Brandon and I found out in March that we had a special person that would be entering our life, we’ve been adapting to the idea our family of two will be three soon, enjoying to the last of our “just us” days, and counting down to the day we’d meet this little girl. In the process, we’ve shared the joys and pains of friends and family, including beautiful announcements of future kiddos, losses of family members and mentors, and frightening moments of doubt and intercession with friends and family. Basically, we’ve gone through life.

Well, the doctor has given us an eviction date. Our little girl will be here in six days… November 5! Because of the crazy adventure I’ve had with gestational diabetes, she’s measuring on the big side of normal… for a full term, carried to forty weeks baby… almost nine pounds! Now that’s an estimate, of course, but the bone measurements are also big (Big head, long legs, typical kid for my family!) and to prevent complications, I’m scheduled for a c-section at 8 am. My last appointment with her was yesterday where I was able to ask my questions regarding things I needed to do in preparation (basically, insulin the night before with my bedtime snack, and fasting with no food or water after midnight and no morning insulin, though i am to check my AM sugar level… I forgot to ask when I needed to be there, but i’m guessing 6…) and I have two more doctor appointments, one with a specialist (to double check that BabyBear is still doing well) and with my OB’s partner (she’ll be out of town… I’ll ask him about when to be there).

It’s so surreal to think that this time next week, I’ll have a little girl to call my own. This adventure that started in March, the random bump in the roads since then, and the GD diagnosis in August that is finally under control is nearing the end. The finish line for this current adventure is drawing to a close. Holy. Tauren. Chieftains.

So here are a few highlights from the past couple of months:

  • I got a gorgeous, gender neutral, jungle themed quilt from my “sister’s” grandmother! My “sister” also made a burp cloth and a mini blanket that has the saying “bowties are cool” on it.
  • Brandon’s family threw us a wonderful shower with a Doctor Who theme. I was so incredibly blessed with all the adorable onesies, blankets and nerdy stuff they gave us. They definitely went above and beyond the call, and I am in no way complaining! They even gave me a gorgeous Vera Bradley diaper bag. I’m not really “girly” but oh wow! I’m in love with this bag and it is packed and ready to go to the hospital for our baby girl. I’m truly beyond blessed!
  • Brandon’s dad and step-mom have spoiled this little girl also. At our shower, they gave us a basket full of goodies with plenty of frogs and monkeys and seriously adorable stuff, and last night at dinner, they gave us a bag full of goodies in honor/memory of Brandon’s mom. I think the hardest part of this journey hasn’t been the gestational diabetes, even though that is tough, but the fact that my wonderful mother-in-law never got a chance to spoil her first grand baby. I can only imagine how much more spoiled she’d be if Debbie were around still.
  • My best friend took me for a massage and it was glorious. Don’t worry, I made sure she knew about the pregnancy (even though at that point it was kind of obvious!)
  • I’ve actually had a lot of time off from work. My boss doesn’t let me work much anymore… or at all right now. “The next time I see you, Karen, I want to see your little girl in your arms!” I even missed the Prince’s birthday because she won’t let me come to work, but that’s ok, I’ll get him a mylar balloon later to celebrate a belated birthday. It’s strange they haven’t called me more than a handful of times since school started. They want to see how they can do on their own and it seems like they’re doing ok as they’ve only called me when one or both of them needed to be somewhere and they needed the extra support. It’s really been good, though not so much for income (Even though i’d do the same job for less… They are practically family, after all)
  • I rejoined Facebook. BUT i’ve also rejoined on the condition that it’s for updates, not to promote my personal religious or political agenda or participate in debates upon said topics. This makes Facebook less stressful for me. Why did I rejoin? I found out my mom’s sister in law didn’t know Baby Bear was coming, even after sharing a picture of the pink cake I’d made for Brandon’s birthday/gender reveal. No games, just sharing news. Life is so much easier this way.

And there you have it. An update on life. Now if you’ll excuse me, i need to feed my inner hobbit.

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