**Disclaimer!** Vent incoming

Disclaimer: this blog is a vent. some views may be unpopular, and some sarcasm may seep through. i get sarcastic when i vent at times.

Sometimes I get so irritated at my Tea Party family members. As a student, I was taught to think critically, use valid and trusted sources, and not follow the crowd. I’m not so sure many of my family have been taught the same. (Please note I am speaking of my family in general terms. As always, there are exceptions to this. Not all my family is this way.)

This current level of frustration is brought to you by a Facebook post.

A cousin linked an article from a Right Wing site that claimed the First Lady was filing for divorce. The source they cite? The National Enquirer… That’s right… A tabloid. This site claimed that this particular tabloid was correct in reporting rumors in the past. So I asked, Why does it matter? We live in a free country. Divorce rates are rampant, especially within the church, and my cousin is concerned about the President’s marriage… It matters to her because, according to her, “The President is living a lie.” I didn’t ask what the lie was. I just said “All authority is God given.” All authority is God-given, whether or not we like it. Ultimately, we live under His authority, but the truth is still there that our leaders are there because God gave them that position (insert debate over predestination and free will here). So cousin’s husband asks, “How do account for Hitler?” as in Obama = Hitler (See? tea party CRAZIES!)

First off, I hate when people ignore parts of the Bible that are incredibly clear about how we should live our lives (Romans 13, in this case) and find that the charges to the first century church that deal with different gender roles within the church to be prescription to today, even though we do not have the same culture now that the first century church did, nor do we take the whole passages into account when we do cite them. I know, I know… I have done this (and probably will continue to) in the past. I am not perfect. I don’t claim to be.

Second off, the source is a rumor that hasn’t been substantiated (a tabloid DOES NOT count!). Do I even need to start on what the bible says about gossip? here’s a hint. it says “don’t do it!” I could start a rumor that another cousin has diabetes, pancreatic cancer, and thyroid issues (please note: this is not true!) but without a valid source (such as said cousin), it’s a rumor, and should be kept quiet. Rumors hurt people, and the church is just as guilty about gossiping as Facebook and random blogs. I have done this. I’ve spoken a “prayer request” because i needed to tell someone a rumor i heard and probably have hurt people in the process. I have learned as I’ve gotten older, that if it’s not my news to share (good or bad) then don’t share it! ESPECIALLY if you have been told so in confidence. Our nation relies so heavily on gossip about politicians and celebrities that we lose ourselves in the process. It’s an epidemic of over sharing (thank you Facebook, twitter, and the blogosphere) and I am not innocent of it (have you read this rant?)

I’ve noticed that in the past three months of being on Facebook, my anger issues are off the charts again. I get so infuriated when I see ill-informed people posting second and third hand information and I want to call them out on it, but they’ll only respond with rhetoric they’ve heard ad nauseum, not paying attention to the criticism they are drawing in. I’m guilty of this too, sadly. I ought to post things I believe with an open mind, that I may learn from my peers, because i believe God can use ANYONE to spread His truth and love, but I’m often defensive when someone opposes what I say. I guess I see the speck in another’s eye and ignore the plank in mine.  oops.

My goal this year is to spend time in the Bible, memorizing verses, and studying what the bible says about stuff (like Joy, generosity, love, and other aspects of life…) and becoming better versed in the bible as a whole. I have a kiddo who’s gonna grow up looking to me as a mentor, to see how life is. And I need to show her a healthy way to live, in all aspects. It’s no longer about just me, or me and brandon, but about my family as a whole.

Friends, if I’ve said anything in the past that has hurt you, I’m sorry. If I’ve spoken out of turn about your personal life and struggles, I’m sorry. There are days I feel like I know a lot, and then there are days where I’m overwhelmed by how much I don’t know. Thank you for reading this far. It truly is a vent that i needed to get out (again… I already wrote it in my actual journal)

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