Something that doesn’t happen often now, at least for the last two months/10 weeks is having alone time with Brandon. Yes, we intentionally try and set aside a couple of hours once a week for date night, and lately that has been us trying to catch up on movies released recently and dinner, but this weekend was different. Angie (Brandon’s stepmom) said she wanted the chance to have Baby Bear overnight. Who am I to say no? (Ok, i’m BB’s mom, but you get the idea) I love the idea of my kids getting to know their grandparents from an early age. I got to know mine, but not much after the age of 11 (My last living grandmother passed away while I was in college, and she’d suffered from severe dementia that basically began worsening when my grandfather passed in 1996, when I was basically 11). I have random memories of traveling to Virginia with my mom’s dad (age 6/7), being told mom’s mom passed away when I was 4, golfing in my dad’s parents’ home when i was young and my grandmother getting on to me and my grandpa for getting too near the glass top coffee table, making cards at Mo Ranch for GiGi’s 75th birthday… But none to the extent that Brandon has of his grandmother (who passed away the June after we were married in 2011). Not only to I want my kids to enjoy their grandparents, but I want the grandparents to enjoy their kids.

Angie has told me several times that she will take Baby Bear anytime i want/need her to, which is AWESOME! But then there is the “when are we imposing” question that inevitably arises. So when Angie approached us, I was ecstatic. Why wouldn’t I let her see her (for all intents and purposes) granddaughter? Exactly! we had no plans.

It was refreshing. Brandon got to vent about his bosses in a safe place. We ordered pizza and watched Sherlock and  Bones (thank you interwebs), and had an evening/night ALL TO OURSELVES! it was GLORIOUS! Add to that sleeping in until nine (when kiddo wakes up at 6:30 or 7 normally) and lunch with a friend/neighbor? it was a beautiful weekend.

Thank you, Angie, for wanting to spoil your grand baby. We are more than willing to let you 🙂

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