beautiful grace

I joined a ladies’ bible study at church. Part of me is excited to have a guide to help me through the bible, but another part of me wants to have an extremely intellectual study that looks at all the connotations and denotations of the original texts (or as original as you can get since they’re all extant). I can’t help it. I was a religion major in university where the emphasis was on exegesis and hermeneutics.

But this bible study is making me look at the bible differently than i have previously… Not necessarily “heady” as much as “soul searching.” 

Today really hit me deep. Often I hear (or am guilty of saying) that a person’s sin is too much for God, that God could never love the sinner because they (the sinner) is not good enough. HALLELUJAH THAT IS NOT THE CASE! Think about it. If we say that we are not good enough, that we’ve messed up too much for God to forgive, we put a limit on God. Where is the grace in that?

There is grace. The grace of Christ covers us when we feel we are unworthy, and that my friends, is beautiful

and I got this all today. in my bible study guided by a book. 

May I never say to anyone they are too far gone for God to hit with a 2×4 of grace.

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