Food For Thought – Gen 2:18

Genesis 2:18 says, “It’s not good that man should be alone…” I saw that in the bible study book that my husband and I are doing at church. A lot of time, religious folk (or Old Testament religious folk) will use this as an argument for marriage/heterosexual marriage/etc. My aim is not to exert my personal beliefs on marriage on anyone, but to look at this in a different light.

Paul mentioned his views on marriage in 1 Corinthians 7… Not going any further than to give you the “address” to do the research yourself.


So back to Genesis. If i were to take a briggs meyers personality test, I could tell you without a doubt that I’m borderline ENFP/INFP. Some days I need to be in a solitary place to recharge, other days I need to be around people, lots of people. I need to meet people, laugh with people, spend time with nothing but people. Perhaps, in his infinite wisdom, God realized (or “made” if you choose) no person is 100% introverted/extroverted. Yes, many are not like me. Many are decidedly introverted or extroverted. Many need to recharge in solitude or with people. But each of us needs friends.

It’s not good to be alone.

When God made Adam and Eve, he didn’t mean to make them as male dominating female, but to share a bond that is deeper than the bond of a person and a plant. They are meant to coexist and to provide companionship for each other.

I cannot speak for every married couple. I can, however, speak for my particular marriage. When I said I do, April 30, 2011, I told the world that brandon was my best friend. He was a part of me… he meant I’d never be alone again. Being alone is difficult. It means you can confide in no one. Prior to marrying/dating Brandon, I’d had phases of being alone. My friends were more like acquaintances and if i had an issue i needed to talk out (which is usually the case) i only really had my journal, which really sucks at responding. However, I have been blessed with a few great close friends (aside from my hubbot) with whom i can discuss things, learn from them, respond to them… not be alone.

So instead of using Genesis 2:18 as a pro marriage verse, what if we use it as a pro companion verse. What if we looked at the dark phases of Doctor Who after he loses companions and is, essentially, alone. He’s not the Doctor we know and love! He becomes alienated* from the world and distances himself from actually helping others. Each companion “lost” makes the spiral seem further and darker. Don’t be the Doctor. Don’t find yourself completely alone.
*I realized as I typed “alienated” that the Doctor is actually an alien, but I didn’t intentionally make the pun. now it’s been made. ENJOY!

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