I hate what my friend Reggie calls “star f***ing”… I see it often.

It’s the teens who faint because they got close to 1Direction.
It’s the rabid fans at the red carpet, doing everything they can to get a celebrity’s attention.
it’s listeners of a podcast meeting the host and wanting to be doing everything the host does.
It’s the Christians saying, “Well, so and so does this and says this…”as though the author’s words have the power of life and death, more so than the Bible.
It’s people forgetting that “celebrities” are humans, too.

I went to a conference this weekend led by a Christian teacher with a friend from church. I wanted to be able to like her, to listen to what she was saying, to glean some eternal truth from her preaching. But I left feeling emptier, with a sense that she was self promoting and that most of the people there would leave taking what she said as God’s Word without looking to the Bible (which Christians will say is God’s Word). I was further disillusioned when I heard her say, “Because you support my ministry and are watching this…. I know you are lovers of the Word.” Other things didn’t add up as well. Like when her husband basically said that the founders of this nation were Christians, but public education is changing that, and that America is the greatest country in existence. (First off, Deism isn’t Christianity. Secondly, at one point Rome was considered the greatest nation, and it fell.) While I did glean some wisdom, I much preferred the music to her speaking. 

I know it’s foolish to think that ministry can function without money. It can’t. Money, whether we like it or not, makes things happen. But to send people to your resource table with the illusion that they need to buy all 100 of your publications to live a fulfilled Christian life is to place the Bible, the book our faith uses (or should use) most, null and void. It’s basically what Paul wrote about in 1 Corinthians 3. There is a way to tactfully mention the presence of a resource table or ask for an offering to support your ministry that doesn’t sound like you’re begging them for support or shaming them for not giving. The more time I spent there, the more aggravated I became. I admit that i am generally hyper critical when i hear teaching, especially the more widespread the message. Blame the religion major in me. I’m not a fan of this teacher, and, sadly, as much as I wanted to like her, my hyper critical side just kept criticizing… 

Back to my original point… People in the audience would yell “we love you, [name]!” and I think I got turned off by that.

Idol worship exists in the church. Many people will follow Christians (like Tim Tebow, Kirk Cameron, Duck Dynasty guys, Tony Campolo, Brian McLaren, Pope Francis, Matt Chandler, Beth Moore, Joyce Meyer… you get the point) to the point they neglect their own spiritual welfare. I’m not claiming to be perfect in this area, but I pray daily that God would remind me… I am His. That i would listen to His words. Sometimes, yes, He uses humans to relay His message, but those messages must line up with the Word He has already given, glorifying Him, and speaking the Truth of the Cross.

This has been a rant. Tune in next time to hear…. everybody’s got a baby kangaroo!

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