It’s been 36 weeks and 1 day since Amelie joined us here. Before you accuse me of being “that mom” that know just how many weeks their children are through age 12, let me assure you, I’m not. I got an email that said “Your child is 36 weeks! Here’s what to expect!” And now you’re gonna accuse me of being that mom that gets a million emails from mommy boards and mom blogs. No. I’m not. However, they are impossible to unsubscribe! It’s like you have to do a song and dance just to delete your stinking account at these sites, and I’m just too lazy. Besides, no one warned me it would be this way 36 weeks later.

A lot has happened in those 36 weeks, aside from the normal, everyday kid benchmarks (like fighting sleep when it’s gonna be a loooooong day for la niña Fidget later. VBS, donchaknow.) We went to a bed and breakfast (complete with a very friendly parakeet!) in North Texas to celebrate our 3rd(!) anniversary, went to Utah for our nerd family reunion, saw my favorite nephew graduate, and my nieces dance. We celebrated my dad’s 70th birthday in Austin where I had the world’s BEST buttered coffee at a food stand in the middle of Austin. I ate at my first food truck, too! Most of it’s been fun! I mean, Fidget is growing up, sitting up, flopping, nomming, and being a very vocal, floppy, normal kid.

There’s also been some not as great stuff. Like long nights because of a teething baby, not hanging out with friends because baby needs some semblance of routine *most* of the time. Fewer movies that we want to see that we get to see (although some of that could be because the movies that we were getting hyped up for flopped and we just didn’t get a chance to traverse to see them), gallbladder surgery, and an official diagnosis of diabetes mellitus and a life sentence of insulin therapy. Just your friendly reminder that life isn’t all flowers and sunshine. There are bugs, clouds, and allergies, too. And rain. And storms. It’s quite beautiful once you look past the ugly cloud of dirt blowing at you from all sides, coating your sinuses with minute particle of soil and sand that may have been at a beach at one point, but you are a thousand miles away. So this diabetes thing? it’s just a cloud… a tiny one… one that is so high in the sky that it doesn’t amount to much, but it looks like a glucose molecule. A tasty, tasty sugary molecule that I can’t eat because my pancreas hates me. And now I want chocolate. Thanks, cloud.

Seriously, though, in case you’re wondering if I’m really upset at this official glucose limiting diagnosis, I’m not. There will be days when I want to eat that tub of Blue Bell ice cream, but i know if I do, coma and so i mourn the ice cream and settle on celery instead. Those days will happen. Assuming I have celery to eat. Being pregnant and having diabetes, totally helped me with this. I may not be able to eat that half gallon of ice cream, but I can steal a bite from Brandon, which is really more fun, when you think about it. His pouty lip, complaining I’m eating all his ice cream, and I’m not. Well, not all at once. It also gives me an excuse not to go down the cereal aisle, because, honestly, who wants to measure out their cereal and pour only a small amount of milk on it? That’s no fun! (Sorry, Amelie. You won’t know cereal… prolly ever, unless your grandparents buy it for you.) However, I am still working on my willpower at VBS. I’m working in the staff snack room, and Monday, it was all carbs. Yesterday, at least, was some home smoked barbeque (and some glares from teens, but who cares, right?) and i was able to munch on some veggies. But it’s not easy. It may never be *that* easy, but it will get better.

Speaking of getting better! My little girl is wide awake and I need to get veggies for the snack room and size 3 diapers because my little girl? yeah… She’s growing just a little to fast. 

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