Every year i say “I will blog more!” and every year i fail… Miserably. So this year I decided I’m only gonna blog when I feel like it. Eventually, I may actually become an active blogger. Who knows? But today? Nope.

My best friend and I are challenging ourselves to read through the Bible through a year. We found (By we, I mean my best friend, Devin) a bible that divides the bible in 365 sections starting in Genesis, and going book by book through Revelation. There are going to be some VERY dry spells where the thought of reading any more Levitical laws may drive me to my breaking point, but there are gonna be other times where I just. can’t. stop.

Before I continue, let me just say…. I’m the best procrastinator out there. I should be reading day 35 today, but… I’m on day 19… I think. I’m working on it. One day I’ll be caught up! It may just happen to be later today, at the rate I’m going.

Now… continuing on. I’m in Exodus. It’s a beautiful gem, when you skip around the verbose “God gave Moses the laws” stuff (I’m sure it’s beautiful in Hebrew… Which i cannot read… Yet.) I haven’t gotten to that part yet. (I think I’m supposed to be in Leviticus right now… but I’m, obviously, not) I had to stop, breathe, and meditate on Exodus 14:14 for a few minutes. I think, if I could, that verse would be highlighted, underlined and bolded mulitiple times right now. What does it say? “The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to keep still.” (NRSV)

The Lord will fight for you. He will fight. FOR ME!


I tend to be a doer. I can sit still and not do stuff, but I usually have to do something. Sitting still is not my strong suit. It seems like every morning, I’m packing my daughter away in the car to run a nonexistent errand (or to get stuff for dinner, or to go get something for lunch…) because just sitting at home all day drives me crazy. She and I have our play time, but then I feel like I need to get out… Even when it’s snowing like today (because that’s what it does in Colorado. It snows. I’m not in Texas anymore!) It’s hard for me to be still.

“Be still and know I am God…” (Psalm 46:10)

There it is again… The word still.

I am not, in my own volition capable of being still, of being quiet… I’ve also heard the term for “still” to mean “cease striving.” I don’t know how.

But you know the great thing? The more I realize I can’t do something, even something I need to be doing, the more I realize He can.

He can.

He can fulfill my long forgotten dreams. He can heal my broken heart. He can use me, even as sinful, as prideful, as broken as i am. He can.

Cease striving. Be still. And let Him do the fighting.

Grace and Peace,

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