And so I wait.


I began a new journey this year. Actually, it’s not that new. I’ve attempted it numerous times before and failed, but I’m determined to keep going. It’s hard to explain the why of this journey, but it’s been beautiful so far. I hope that I can continue it and send you little snapshots along the way.

So what is this journey?

Reading the Bible, cover to cover, in a year.

It’s been a beautiful journey. I’ve read of creation again. I’ve read the stories of the great patriarchs of my faith. I’ve read of the exile of Ishmael (and my heart breaks so much for Hagar! Her son was just playing with his half-brother!) and the salvation of Israel through Joseph, who has a complete attitude shift between being sold and helping others. Right now, I’m smack dab in the middle of the Exodus story. Oh, Israel. I relate to you a little to well.

A week or so ago, as I prayed, I felt God gave me a word for this year, or at least for this season. Wait. And can I tell you? I hate waiting. I hate being still (unless I’m tired, but man, put me on prescribed bed rest? I’ll be fidgeting and ready to be outside in five minutes!). But I feel like it’s a word God has given me. And it’s been good and hard. And He still hasn’t told me for what I’m waiting… Just to wait.

Since I’ve received that word, the waiting hasn’t really changed the way I do life much. I have made some intentional slow downs by not going out every morning and attempting to grocery shop with both kids one day a week (usually Monday) so that we can stay at home and relax and wait and play and wait and try not to go stir crazy while we wait. And because I’m not going out to shop and buy things every day (which, even though my kids do well shopping, I’m so happy not to be tempted to spend more money because I got bored), I find myself wanting to better myself. I want to exercise and go to the park with my kids. I want  to eat healthier and encourage my kids to do the same. I want to be the best at Overwatch… (Ok, that’s a little bit of a stretch but i find my afternoons are so much less stressful and I can play Overwatch if I want to).

And today, I’m waiting. A new President. New promises. New Congress. I’m waiting because I can do little else. I’m waiting, and praying, and clinging to the Truth of the Cross. He is still in control. He is still on the throne. And despite my fears and uncertainty of what’s going to happen, He still has me.

The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.

Yesterday, I read this verse for the millionth time. I read it and sat and let the truth seep into my deepest being. Before this verse (Exodus 14:14), Israel had a lot of uncertainty as well. They had just been released from captivity but Pharaoh regretted it. He was in hot pursuit. And God told Moses exactly what needed to be done and what to tell his people. God knows our struggles. And He fights for us. We only need to be still.

Shortly after this, Israel crosses the Red Sea, and all of Pharaoh’s horses and men were drowned while the Hebrews crossed on dry land with walls of water beside them. He freed them, as He frees us.

be still.


He’s got this.

Until next time,

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